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Sounds like a wonderful childhood meadow!

We have no furnace nor AC in our log home, we heat with a wood stove and even though it is not designed for cooking on I can get a Dutch oven and a skillet at the same time on it, and baked potatoes do very well inside the stove pulling some coals to one side. Love cooking on it and when we are without power for days at a time it is great to have!

We have an outhouse in the woods not far from the house which is also used especially when the power is out. We only have well water so when power is out no water to run the house with, but we have a hand pump well on another well about 1/4 mile from the house and it is spring fed; wish it was closer to the house because we love to drink that water!

Have a generator that runs 1 refrigerator and the freezer so we are actually good to go when no power.
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