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They were great times i myself like many others make my own soaps and cleaners,i catch rain water which is great for cleaning and washing your clothes and i make my candles and i not only use my woodstove for heat but,i cook on it as well.I enjoy this lifestyle as i've been doing it for years to me it's the best way to live, and i even built my own BBQ stove from bricks that i found.Most of what i learned i learned from my grandmother as she and my grandfather had this little cottage that had no power to it and they had this big ole woodstove they used for heat and cooking on and my grandmother had lanterns that they used for light.Being that i was pretty much raised by them i really enjoyed it,we would play cards or some sort of game as there was no tv which kids today would have died lol,my grandfather collected rain water for my grandmother and they got water from the spring as there wasn't alot of water that could be used something to do with the well,i was young then so i didn't understand it all.I sit here and think of how i grew up and you know those simple times were the best times and i am so blessed to have been able to experience it all and i thank god for that special time in my life i shared with my grandparents.
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