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Love Papaya!
An amusing story about concentrated papaya pills.
Several years ago I was able to take all 3 children (at the time I had 2 of my own and 1 temp. guardianship child) out to CA to visit my parents and go to bible camp. Upon arriving I was told I would be a councilor and so would my older sister who had come down from OR. My mom had made sure to have us pack a rather LARGE bottle of concentrated papaya caplets incase any of us got an upset tummy.
My sister had 3 girls (9-11 ages) in her cabin that went crazy at the Canteen (snack shack), and had eaten so much candy, etc. and they were not feeling well at all. They actually looked a little green. She came and got 3 caplets of papaya for each girl. None of them wanted to take them but my sister told them they had to, so they did. 30 minutes later they were feeling much better, and in an hour they were fine. None of the three girls bought any more candy and junk for 2 days. LOL Lessoned learned in moderation!
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