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Though I have never experienced being a single mom, I believe the lack of support would rank first and foremost, as would expenses.

I babysat (my younger years) for two single moms, and both struggled to make ends-meet. I recall one of the moms being thrifty and resourceful, while the other lived as though a steady stream of cash was at her disposal.

Additionally, transportation, particularly if the option of having a personal vehicle at ones disposal wasn't an option.

List of single mom needs (raising a baby/toddler):

- Cloth diapers/rubber pants/diaper pail
- Washing machine
- Support network (family/friends)
- The ability to be resourceful/thrifty/frugal (homemade baby food, sewing, cooking from scratch, etc)
- Having easy/close access to all amenities so as to lessen the need for transportation
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