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We have a Sealy Posterpedic and really love it.

But with a mattress there are SO many to cheese from. I would go to a few bedding stores and find the ones that you both like. Lay on them and try them out.

When you get the brand and style you like, call a sleepys, Rockaway beddings, 800mattress etc...

Most of these places WILL will have to ask them what their equivalant to your brand and style is. The reason I say this is because they make the same styles (of a brand) in differrent models for each store. Then they can help you.

OR after you find a brand and stlye call the company and ask then what the alternative names are. (this is what we did on out last mattress) then go to a bedding store and haggle.

THere is one last alternative, go to qvc online and order one, you have 30 days if you do not like it. They have the ones that each person can have their own hardness or softness,,, I hear people rave about them but I eas never on one so I can't personally tell you how they are.

Hope this helps.
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