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It's not neccessarily a recipe, but when we buy chicken breasts in bulk form, we trim the edge fat off, and rinse them off. Pat them dry with paper towels. Pull out a cast iron pan, and put on medium heat. Using a mix of Lawry's seasonings, and Lawry's taco seasonings, or Poultry seasonings - sprinkle gently over chicken pieces, and cook in cast iron pan until heated through (deosn't have to be fully cooked). In a stock pot or slow cooker, put on low heat. Add water, sliced onions (cooked or raw) about 1 large / 2 mediums, or 3 smalls, add V8 juice (about 1/2 a bottle), and cook for 6 to 8 hours. Turn off stock / slow cooker, and let cool. Save the liguid from Stock / slow cooker for pulled chicken sauce. Add to a sealable bag/container and freeze until ready to reheat and eat. You can either shred the chicken before or after freezing. I found it easier to store in a sealable freezer bag and shred after freezing. Yes, we freeze the chicken with the juices from the stock/slow ****ery, for our next meals. The nice thing about the shredd chicken is it can be reheated in the microwave; on the stove top, or in the oven. We have used it in taco's, burrito's, on salada's, in quesadilla's, and on bread (as in pulled chicken sandwhiches). I have even had it on my bow tie noodles!. If you have a recipe for pulled pork, you can adjust it for chicken or beef. That's pretty much what DH does, but we also have the recipe for his dad's famous Rib shake, and it is GREAT on lots of meats.
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