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As the long time hostess for both my husband and my family's get togethers I will "post" the menu about 2 weeks before the holiday. I take into consideration health requests and on-going diets of my guests. If someone has other concerns from what is posted I will try to comply or ask them to bring a dish to contribute.
As to small children, let the parent be your guide. I offer chicken fingers / hot dogs in small quanities and don't make a fuss. If it gets eaten, fine. If not, the dog enjoys the chicken (along with whatever the guest slip him during the day!!!).
Most of the parents bring juice/ munchies for the kids because they know the gameplan ahead of time. I don't cater to brand names and if they don't like that (they know ahead of time!!) they can go without.
This is also your party to enjoy as well. Try not to stress and have fun. That is the whole part of the day. They will not starve for one meal.
Happy Holidays!!
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