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I'd like to go at this topic from the other side, the guest. I eat a low-carb diet, I have for 6+ years and everyone who knows me, knows that. When I am going to someone's home for dinner, I call ahead and explain that I don't eat starches (potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, etc.) and ask if that will be a problem with the meal she is planning, and if so, I will bring something I can eat. This, to me, is proper guest etiquette.

Sometimes, we go to my hubby's aunt and uncle's house for Christmas Eve. They are old-world Italian and it's this incredible feast. She knows that I'm going to fill up on the sausage and peppers and pass on the pasta and pastries and bread and 90% of the goodies. I have often brought a sugar-free cheesecake, which is nowhere as yummy as Uncle Danny's italian cheesecake, but I bring it and offer it as my contribution, because *I* want a dessert I can eat, and furthermore Uncle Danny and Aunt Mary are both diabetics and they SHOULD be eating the sugar-free one. I don't press it, but I present it.

If I'm going to family's house, I bring my own whatevers. For Thanksgiving, I bring my own non-bread-stuffing, sugar-free cranberry sauce, and a faux mashed potatoes casserole (it's made from cauliflower). No one complains about it, the hostess is always glad that I brought it, and 9 times out of 10, people try mine and say, heyyy, this is good, and it's DIET food? It's an ice-breaker, really.

If it isn't someone I know, I am much more subtle about it, but I do make my needs known and I always offer to bring something.

IMO, a parent whose child is a fussy eater should be a polite guest and ask you, the hostess, "my child is such a picky eater, might I ask you what's on the menu and if it's something s/he won't eat, may I bring something?" Then it's up to you whether you make something different for the picky eater.

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