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Styrofoam is the cheapest so I would stock on cups for that. The cups will hold heat which means it would keep soups hot longer and can also be used for cereal or of course coffee. I would mainly try to concentrate though on paper bowls I buy mine at Aldi's $1.99. I forget what the count is on it but not a bad price. I also buy my paper plates there.. I buy the sturdier ones not those el cheapo ones that are so flimsy.. they look sturdy in the pkg. til you take one out and see how flimsy they are.

I also take advantage at places like Donatos if I buy a pizza I ask for paper plates to go with it. They are sturdy and free. I keep most of my paper supplies in tall popcorn tins that they fit down in. Get a mouse or rat in the house and they can and will eat your paper plates. Styrofoam would make good nesting material.

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