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I am working on our stock of toilet tissue. I have let it get pretty low. I am also buying shampoo and hair gel when I get coupons. Same for toothpaste. I need to work on my supply of alcohol, wipes, antibiotic ointment, etc. I have quite a stock of some foodstuffs, but am adding to it. When I see things we use on a really great price, like canned goods, I try to buy it by the case. We have a good supply of home canned jams, and also home canned honeycomb. I have quite a stock of dried beans and rice, but I plan to add to it. A few years ago I made a stockpile list of food and non-food items, but it was so daunting, I almost gave up. I have continued to get some things, but I intend to get much more serious about it in the next 3 months. Not stockpiling in a large way anything that must be frozen or refrigerated, in case gas or electricity is disrupted.

Any suggestions on disposable plates, etc? I don't know whether to go with paper plates that can be burned, or plastic or styrofoam, which can't be recycled.

Also, any information on making candles from beeswax?
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