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I'm going to be blunt, and in all honesty I did NOT read any of the posts (only what was put in the newsletter), and that is what I am going to respond on, because it offended me. I don't want a diet buddy who is going to try and guilt me into losing weight...It is bad enough that my 70 year old pencil thin Adopted mother has been hounding me for the past 8 years or more about my weight and how "large" I look. She doesn't come right out and say she is embarassed to be seen with me in public, but I know from her remarks, that is how she feels. Before I give a really bad impression about my Amom, I know she means well because her and my Adad had been fat (looked normal size to me) most of my life, and until there health, mostly due to smoking, and age, started declining, she has really been on my back about my weight and SHAPE. I am 257 pounds, and I carry it all in my waist. I have lower back issues, partial to my weight, and partial due to other factors. I have actually lost allot of weight in the last two years through physical therapy. I basically have NO metabilism, and NO interest in any type of food (not junk, not fruits, nor vegetables nor meats), I barely drink water, juices, and coffee, and I am extremely low on soda - so much so that I can make a small soda from a "fat" food joint last three days!.

Now for the Positive reasons as to why I responded....
Not in any real particular order (just how they fall out of my brain and through my fingers).

1) I have learned to accept myself as I am, and love me the best that I can.

2) My mom means well, but I have VM on my phone for a reason, and I don't have to stay on the line with her for more than 5 minutes tops. Anything after that, and it gets personal, and more than likely an emotional attack will occur.

3) Imazingly there are inexpensive exercises everyone can do ina nay weather, and MOST anywhere I am. Walking is one of them. I can do that in my house for 10 minutes at a time, and I DON'T have to use stairs (which is great considering this house doesn't have any, and it is not good for my back issues).

4) The exercises build up and tone my muscles in the CORE of my body, and can be done in 30 minutes, so of them can actually be fun!

5) I'm not going to deny my body what it craves.
I am going to minimize the portion size of what I allow my body to have.

6) If the item I crave is not already in my house, and I am not interested in going out to get it...I don't need it. This also cuts down on the negative choices and guilt I could experience later. STRESS sucks - I don't need extra stress.

7) I make a mental goal of what I want for my life and WHY I want this goal.

*8)* Tomorrow is always a clean slate. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was I, nor was the earth. Everything is accomplaished through baby steps, and knowing what my limits are. I no longer "walk" through the pain, as I was once told to do with a different diagnoses of my back issues. I also, walk through the candy isle / lane and tell myself do I really NEED it, or just want it. And if I need / want it, what am I willing to give up later. Ultimly my HEALTH (over all) is more important. Losing the extra weight (120 -130 pounds) will ease the back issues, but not fix it...but I can do it all one day at a time, one step at a time, and 1 thought at a time.

*******In order to achieve my weight loss goal(s)******

I must first Love myself, all of me as I am - fat or thin
Believe in my ability to achieve my goal(s) no matter how long it will take
Be the best support system for myself as I would ask anyone else to be for me.

Some things I have changed to help me with MY goal(S):
I read the labels on almost everything I buy for meals in our house
I check Calories, CARBs, and size of the product
I reduced and eventaully removed lots of sugary foods that would normally have been a staple in our home. I still have candy from last October, and a few years ago December. Some are in their original packaging (Ribbon candy, Pez), and a few who aren't ("rock" candy) - some are right in front of my nose, and others are in our pantry. We also have several sugar free or sugarless gum packs. I don't chew as much of that as I use to either (mostly when I am driving, because mass car velosities make me very nerves). I try to buy snacks which are healthier and more natural (carrots, celery (not mine), strawberries, berries, apples, lettuce, etc). If there is bread in the house, I have wheat, and brown rice. I buy Cheerios and Flax cereals for my own choices. Microwavable foods usually ahve 110 calories or less, and aren't made as often as they use to. Peanutbutter is a natural protein and in moderation can be healthier than skipping a meal or two.
We buy beef, chicken, and other meat products in bulk, and freeze what we don't use that day/night. Sometimes the beef / chicken are cooked immediately for later use, sometimes they are frozen in packs for the type of meal(s) we would use them in at a later date, and the chicken is often cleaned, trimmed and marinated -then frozen before be cooked at a later time. Last week my DH made porcupine meatballs from 3 pounds of ground beef. Half frozen for later, and half cooked for the last weeks lunch / dinner meals...I have a serving of brown rice and meatballs waiting for me (at this moment), and a BBQ Chicken breast from a couple of nights ago.
I also try to keep away from the Pink and Blue packets of sythetic sugars - read the labels... you'll understand why. We have the yellow packets and the white w/green packets, but normally I don't use sugary sweetners. Although sometimes I do use added flavors (creamers, squirts, Honey bear) in my drinks. Again, I read the labels first...Ingredients, Calories, and Carbs.

If you all are not offended with my responses you're welcome to message me - I'm not on allot, so don't get discouraged if I don't rapidly answer. That is the other thing I am trying to do less of. Being in front of my computer - for any reason.

If I've offended a majority of you, go ahead and remove this posting. That is the only authorization I will be giving, especially since I am not on allot.

Best of luck with your diet challenges, and know that even if you don't have faith in yourself (just yet), there is at least one other person in the world who does have faith in your abilities, becuase s/he understands the struggle(s) involved!
If you see someone in need of help and you can do something, then do something — that goes for people and animals. If you can help out, try. That’s what I hope people take away from this.” -Alex Scroggins
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