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"I was just curious as to what any home daycare providors found was the most difficult aspect of their job??"

I have done home childcare a few times over the years, but was brilliant enough to not have the preschoolers / school-age children in my home on a regular basis (meaning for 98% of the time they were in their "own" homes).

I actually found it easier to care for children in their own homes as they would be familiar with the items there, and what was and was not allowed. Most of the homes had local parks or park like yards where the child/ren could find their own friends or others their age to play with, and I knew that their would be food and change of clothes available for the child/ren to have "if" necessary. The other part I liked about caring for the children in their own homes, was IF a parent or the guardian came home early, they could decide to either keep me on a little longer while they ran errands, need to watch less children for doctor / dental appointments, or leave early for my own needs to be dealt with.

The negatives:
Parents / Families "assuming" that I was a 24 x7 babysitter.
Not being paid what was agreed upon (long story).
Parents / Guardians NOT being interested in the developments of the child / ren during the care (same issue I saw in the facilities I worked in to).
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