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We have been using up old canned goods and able to come across some pickles made two years ago. I hope our garden this summer is prolific so we can stock up some more.

When I cleaned out the laundry room last weekend I realized we won't need health and beauty things for quite awhile.

We do need to replenish our dried milk supply but I've been able to use some tinned milk gotten on sale and stocked up.

Dh has been diligent about bringing wood home so we are good for heat except we will also buy about two tons of coal for the following year, we like to keep one year ahead on our home heating supplies.

Dh and I have been discussing how to use the old water heater to store water for a backup supply. We put it outside before we thought of it, so the glass liner might have cracked in this cold. We'll have to check it out. Water is my bigger concern, we do have a friend with a well but the water would need sterilization.

For lighting we still have some solar panels to set up, hopefully this spring.
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