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In an effort to make my money go a little bit farther I've starting using 3 of the coupon apps.

You can submit receipts with multiple rebate companies to earn 2 or more discounts. Bank your rebates until you reach the required cash out level to have the money sent to you. Ibotta does paypal, Savingstar does direct deposit in your checking account and Checkout 51 mails a check. Can scan the receipt and upload on the computer if not using the ap. Also offers discounts with online shopping. Some stores you can link your store card like at CVS and you don't have to do the receipt upload thing. Has coupons good for a month and buy $20 get $5 back offers not needing to be purchased all at once. Offers a FREE item on Friday (was Nutella snacker), 20% off fresh fruit/veggie on Tuesday (tomatoes this week).

Checkout 51 - Save on the brands you love. $1 bonus on first upload of receipt. I'm loving the non brand specific coupons for savings on eggs, milk, bread, etc. Has store/restaurant coupons too they have a referral program if you would you can use my link to join

With Ibotta some of the coupons are linked to certain stores so you have to look at that.

And some aren't brand specific like the gallon of milk will submit $.25 at Ibotta and $.50 with Checkout 51. Tomatoes I submitted with Checkout51 $.50 and Savingstar 20%.

On all 3 companies I've been loading the coupons, etc on my computer not my phone. I do have all 3 Apps on my phone to snap the receipt and upload it that way. You can scan the items in the store to verify they are good for the rebates.

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