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Christmas Card Exchange 2014 & Thank You's

Welcome to the 2014 Christmas Card Exchange!!
This our 12th year!!

You will receive a really cool holiday card exchange icon!

Please use the link below to sign up.
I will collect the names between Oct. 19th and Nov. 12th. No names will be accepted after that.

The rules for this year will remain the same as last. Please take a minute to read all the rules

You must have 75 posts to join the exchange.

This year, I will collect the names and create 2 or 4 lists of 10-15 names --
(of course, this number will depend on how many members sign up this year.)

You will be given a choice of either receiving one list of names OR receiving
the entire set (all lists) of names to send out to.

Please include your choice when you send in your mailing information.

This will make things a lot less complicated for me and save me some time too.

This must be[/COLOR] through snail mail and NOT by email. We will be doing this on the honor system. By signing up for this exchange, you are giving me your word that you will send a card to everyone on your list(s).

Send me your information through this link
Join the Holiday Card Exchange! | FamilyCorner.comŽ
Please put USA in your addy so those who live in other countries know where to send their cards.

Please include your choice of receiving one list of names or the whole set of lists.

(To give you an idea, we average 20 - 30 members in the card exchange. Last year we had 29.

Please do not post your names on this thread in hopes of joining the card exchange. You must send me your name using the form on this page.

The official "send off" weeks for the cards will be between Nov. 25th and Dec. 4th

If you are sending cards out of the country, please remember to send as early as possible
and to mail with the correct amount of postage.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or PM.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

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