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I will rinse mine very well too.

I haven't used them yet, may do that Sunday for dinner (Veggie Soup).

Yesterday I bought a 5 lb. 14 oz. can of Northern Beans $6 something? that we will use to cook ready made beans with corn bread this winter. I'll add a little bit of ham to it when we cook it. Another good source of fibre and easy to prepare meal. I will drain off all the juice and salt that it is packed in, we usually add tomato soup to our beans.

And again, a good emergency meal even if we didn't have the ham to go in it, just beans with crackers would fit the bill.

I also bought last week at Aldi's a seasonal item: Turkey Chili in the cans. That can be ate alone or added over spaghetti noodles, over rice for a meal that is easy to fix and full of nutrients and a little variety. It could even be added as a topping for Ramen Noodles.

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