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Try First Buy More Later

I bought today a 6 lb. container of diced potatoes from our store. I'll be using them to make a vegetable soup this weekend, have the hamburger thawing (chicken). I hate cutting up potatoes and in a emergency situation may not have immediate access to potatoes. I have dehydrated them but they are too thin for a good veggie soup in my opinion. Canning yourself you need to use a pressure canner and I still have the issue with my glass top stove of it not being wide enough for my pressure canner. So.. trying the canned potatoes. You can buy them in smaller cans at the store but with my store discount I paid $4.31 for the whole big can. I will drain them before using to get all the extra salt off them. So economically its cheaper than buying store bought most places and less time consuming than doing them myself.

They will also be good in a emergency along with other canned veggies to serve a lot of people which might be the case if my neighbors are hungry too.

I also bought a big bag of grits 5 lbs. for $3.59 with my discount. I love Grits so will bottle them up in jars and use now and later. Filling food.

I don't hear people mention it on here too much but Cream of Wheat is a good stock up food for emergency use, comes in both regular and chocolate flavored. Not sure on the shelf life of it but with powdered milk and sugar a good wholesome meal of grains. Grits served southern style are made with butter and salt, nothern with milk and sugar. I suppose if I didn't have butter I could use them northern style in a emergency situation.

I saw a recipe in a book I got from the library on making Hummus from Garbanzo beans. We sell those too in the cans, good protein source.

Variety is truly not only the spice of life but a good way to survive in hard times and not get burned out on foods. There is a name for it when you stop eating because you are so tired of the same foods, can't think what its called at the moment. Oh Food Fatigue.

Cheryl has mentioned and it's really important having a variety of spices on hand to make the same foods taste different or more appealing.

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