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cats and trees

Hi, I agree with Pam. The first year that I spent with my new husband we got a 9 ft tree. I tried to tell him we needed to tie it off to the wall. (having grown up with animals we always did this as kids. I think my Dad did it because of the pets and because he had 7 kids who kept playing with the ornaments). My new hubby didn't listen and 5 mins after we spent 5 hours w/the kids decorating the tree, the cat climbed it and sent it to the ground. Luckily it landed on carpet, but almost every ornament was destroyed, and so was the tree stand! We spent from 2am till about 8am cleaning the mess and sneaking out to the all night walmart to buy new ornaments before my kids woke up and noticed. The funny thing is they woke up and never knew, they were like I hung this ornament and so on and we couldn't believe they didnt realize that there was all new ornaments! The moral of the story is that the tree should have been tied off to the wall. I am lucky I have cathedral ceilings and a plant shelf so we put eye hooks up there and hitch the tree up and it isn't real noticable. Since that time the cat hasn't bothered the tree, its been 5 years. I imagine a 9ft tree toppling over on her scared her enough to know to leave the tree alone. I think this year it will be my new dog who will probably pee on it a lot. We also do not put ornaments on the very bottom branches. (we have tile floors now and from experience with pets and kids they tend to fall off and break). I am sure things will go smoothly if you tie it off and keep the ornaments from the very bottom branches. Good luck and happy holidays!
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