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cats and Christmas trees

Hi fellow cat-lover. I have always had cats and/or kittens and live in very cold climate. I wouldn't think of making them stay outside for any reason. It can be a problem with Christmas trees, of course. Especially with kittens. My adult cats have usually not been much of a problem. Here's how I handle it. First I make sure the tree is tied securely to the wall, if possible. A dark twine or yarn,tied on to tree about 3/4 up. One line going to each side. (The twine and the tree make a triangle.) Then I just don't put any ornaments on the bottom one or two branches. It's really not that noticeable and the cats don't seem to notice the higher ornaments. If there are any special breakable things, then don't put them on this year - just in case. If you could keep the cats in a closed room overnight (or the tree room closed) this would help. Cats often do most mischief at night.Pam (65 yrs experience with cats). Feel free to ask me questions.
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