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Congratulations on becoming a grandma, Cooked! Such a fun and happy time that must be.

When it came to raising my children I loved being somewhat self-sufficient in the way I did things. No trips to the store for diapers or baby food, always homemade formula, and anything else I could see to fruition, I practiced.

One thing about those old-fashioned diapers, I always enjoyed folding them, even when I babysat as a teen... and as far as the pinning went, that was my favourite part, and there was no mistaken you had reached the homestretch when rubber pants were pulled back on and the diaper smartly tucked inside the elastics.

Cotton baby washcloths in my house (always), too. You're washing diapers anyway, so what's a few baby washcloths.

While we're confessing, I, too, confess, there were times I used the crib as a means for mommy to enjoy a little me-time. Moms need that every now an then, just as they need a good babysitter whom they can count on and trust, who can come in and spell them off from time to time.
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