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As for today, I don't see much in the way of spanking anymore, whereas when I was growing up, spanking was used religiously.

I used spanking with my own children, yet have mixed feelings about it, particularly with all of the new findings surfacing. Spanking, worked in my home, yielding the results I was after, so I always spanked, however, if I were raising young children today, I would most definitely look at spanking (and it's effects) closer than I did when my kids were little.

Another noticeable change in parenting today as compared to 20 years ago... cloth diaper use. I grew up babysitting in the 70's and everyone used cloth diapers back then. Even throughout the 80's I remember diapers, pins, and rubber pants were still the widely used choice when it came to diapering, though cloth diaper use today is on the rise, which I think is super!

It really is time mothers went back to using cloth diapers.
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