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thanks. Right now I am thinking of red pants that has boa on the bottom of them, and looking for a wild and crazy sparkling shirt.
I going to borrow my friend's long cigarette holder with cigarette.
I have google her and was surprized what I found. Her hair was different color and not always blonde, and at times it was short.
so I thinking of doing my reg hair coloring, and put purple tips in the hair, since this will be a red hat event, except we do not have to wear the colors since there is a theme and we can wear the costume or dress up in our colors.
My hair when I awake on most mornings can be wild looking and putting some gel in it, I can make it stick in all kinds of directions.

IF I do find a cheap blonde wig then I may take that advice and go that away.

I found a printout sheet on a pair of shoes that would be her kind, but not sure how I can make a pair of shoes using that pattern. If I can figure that out, I want to go that away.
Yet I am still looking for ideas, as this will be in Sept, and I'm wanting ideas to see if I might get more ideas to do for her.

thanks again, and if you think of anything else, please post them.
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