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chuckle Frugal

This is a really good one. Whenever I tell this to anyone they give a weird look.
I love to cook. We travel a lot and you learn to make guick meals so when you pull into a campground it's not alot of cooking to do. Anyway, I bought a package (5 ) Italian sauages. The first meal I took two of the sausage out of the casings, saute it and made a Spag. sauce (that was enough for two meals) Then the second night I made stuffed peppers out of the other sausage, the next night I made stuffed eggplant, the next night I made an Italian Quiche. I didn't realize what I had done until later on. I 'd made five meals out of those five sausages. I always have had an imagination when it came to cooking but I'd never in my life done anything that frugal. When you want to save money I guess you can always find ways.
I also downloaded Stamps. Com and got $10.00 free postage, that you can print from your computer righ onto your envelopes. You can still do that, just go to Stamps. Com and see what they have to say. You can use it for a month but I usally keep it a few weeks then cancel. I've used it three times, the last time I got $25.00 free postage. Yep, sure did.
Didn't realize that I was that longwinded, sorry.
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