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Well Tree,
It's November and I have tried for several months but I think I am giving up on this one. I still just can't seem to get ahead and that is my biggest problem. Every 2 weeks when I shop I am out of everything so there is never any extra money to stock up on specials. My biggest problem is running out of meat. When I shopped this week I had 2 pieces of fish in the freezer and THAT was it!! And I know I will be buying extra food in Nov and Dec what with Thanksgiving and baking for the holidays so, I'm doomed, budget wise for the next 2 months!! LOL but true!!!

So, how's the Atkins diet going for you? Did you end up giving it another try?
Hows your store doing? Are the holidays your busiest time for your store or summertime?
Did your kids go Trick or Treating? We had only 3 Trick or Treaters since it poured rain that evening. All the more candy for me!!!

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