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When I first responded to your question, I had never heard of Apex Fun Run (Welcome to Apex Fun Run! | Apex Fun Run - "Apex Fun Run is a fundraising solution for schools that focuses on building leaders by creating fun, hassle-free fun runs. We collaborate with PTA and faculty members to create lasting experiences). I learned about it late last night when a long time friend of mine's daughter asked for lap donations for her school. My friends daughter is about seven years of age. However,
after reviewing the link it appears that many ages of children from schools nationwide are actively using Apex Fun Run for their fundraising needs.
What I have learned from both my friend and the web link, is that it assists children with being active, creates leadership and team support, and as important as those are on their own, it keeps children from carrying around extra weight selling fatty products. It is, as my friend put it, a win win situation.

I don't work for Apex Fun Run (or anyone for that matter at the moment) so I hope the regulators won't ban or hide the link info.

Many thanks for not banning it too.
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