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The middle school (4-6) that dd2 attends had a lock down a month ago or so there was a gun man in a neighboring garage threatening to shoot his girlfriend. The school went on a lock down because for a time the police couldn't locate the guy and they were afraid that he might come to the school as it was lunch time/recess. After the fact came out that the garage was 3 blocks away so the kids weren't in immediate harm.

The school system is having "practice" lock downs so the teachers can practice where their class is going to "hide" and what they can and can not do to protect themselves and the kids. Keeping Hairspray, bug spray, etc. in their desk to spray at an attacker to help the kids get away.

One classroom has access to a partial roof that is protected so that teacher will take the kids up on the roof after blocking the door if deemed necessary.

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