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Putting the Party Together

First I doled out the recipes to DD, DIL and DS's. I constructed a master grocery list based on the ingredient lists from the recipes I was going to prepare (so did the DD, DIL and DS's - they are all smart cookies!)

I looked up info about Oktoberfest on the internet, and saw to it that we had light blue and white paper plates, streamers, paper table covers, etc.

I went to and downloaded their 3 albums of polkas and oompah music. Then I searched for the chicken dance, and downloaded the midi files of that.

Everyone was on board and enthusiastic.

Day before, I did last minute shopping, and that night I prepared the Bavarian Pot Roast, the Marinated Tomatoes and the Red Soup. I refrigerated all the beer and wine (I got about 8 different kinds plus a bottle of Rhine wine, and bottle of Liebfraumilch, and another German wine I can't remember the name of...).

Day of, I boiled the brats in beer and DIL came over to make the Red Cabbage and Onions.

DS brought his chicken recipe all done except for needing to be heated up, and brought ice for the ice chests. He kindly put the ice in the ice chests, put the beer and wine in the chests and set them on the patio.

DD did the German Potato salad at home, and added the hot dressing here at the last minute. She baked the cakes at home and brought them ready to eat.

SonIL grilled the brats.

About 2:30pm, we dug in. We ate and talked and drank beer and wine until about 8pm, at which time DH took his sister home and everyone else left, too.

At one point, we had 9 adults and 8 kids in the backyard and on the patio.

Everyone had a wonderful time, and we all agreed we will do this on an annual basis. It was great! Next year, I'll have some beer mugs laser-etched by a friend with a logo we devise and our names on them.

This should be an absolute annual blast!

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