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I normally just walk in to see if they can do it that day, if the line is to long I just wait unless it for a special occassion, then I may call to see if they can take me or make an appointment.

I normally wear the way I mostly do, but I don't really care how it looks unless I'm going elsewhere before I get my hair done.

I don't think about where my hands goes under or on top of the t cape.
Most of the time my legs are cross for that is how I sit. My legs are to short to sit on the floor and most of the time I'm not comfortable for my legs to sit on the foot bar.

I do sit still with my eyes shut as I'm very comfortable and relax when someone fools with my hair, but never have fallen asleep.

I normally get them to blow dry my hair as well as to fix it to make sure how they do it.. I normally get a new style of haircut except for the last few times I've got it cut as I really do like this style.

Well I take myself but at times have had a friend who goes with me to get her hair done as well.

Have had scissors and a razor used on my hair, as well as clippers. Just depend on the style and who is doing it.

Oh it used to make me nervous when I saw alot of hair on the cape and floor? With this new hairstyle and I know my hair needs to be cut, it doesn't as I know alot has to come off.

they use a black cape, don't ever remember a pattern cape or any color ones used on me.

Pumping up the chair is a need so it doesn't bother me at all.

Again it depends on the stylist on if they turn me away from the mirror or not. Again my eyes are shut most of the time so either way if fine with me.

Yes I have talked to the one sitting next to me sometimes, and I also talk to my stylist if I am in the mood to chit chat.

I get them to wash my hair before the hair cut.

Only got my hair hi lited twice once they used foils and another time they used a cap.. I sort of felt silly but it didn't 'bother me.. Sitting under the dryer brings back memories of my childhood days when that is what they did when they fixed your hair.. and how long it would take me to get my hair dry..

I have go online to find pictures of a hairstyle I might like, except for these last few times since I know what I want. If I dont' take a picture with me I look in thier magazine to give them an idea of what I like.

Never got up and walk out during a hair style, why would one? Your hair is undone. Never cried either. I always go before to the restroom before going to the saloon where I wouldn't have to go while I was there.

I will add my tip when I pay out.
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