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Originally posted by nagymom
In our case (ex giving up rights) once those papers were signed, there was no going back--per the courts. So make sure you know what you're doing. ALL legal rights are terminated.

Child support is also terminated--you are no longer a legal parent so you should have no support to pay. However, a lawyer is the best one to answer these questions. If you can't afford one then check your local bar association for any that will offer free advice. I know in Alabama when my daughters/grandkids were on WIC I'd see flyers about free legal advice hanging in the Health Department.

This incident happened 41/2 years ago. My hubby was paying her $400.00 a month and when the income started going up side down. We contacted a paralegal, we asked her if she could sign the paper stating if we could go ahead and pay her half. She wrote as back saying to not worry about the payment. By doing this we gave up our visitations rights because at that time she was newly married. We now owed her 4 years worth of child support. We have no problem of giving up our rights because according to my hubby, he was not sure if the little girl is his because during the time that they were married, he caught her fooling around with other men. Second, her parent does not like him because of his religious belief. Third, I am Asian this made it worst.

We have bill collectors up to our neck and we do not have a stable home. Fighting to keep her is out of the question. Hubby has decided to let go of her, and I have non-to-say about this matter. My worries are the child support and what if they decided to not go through with the adoption paper. We have two boys and my oldest one have been asking me about his sister. We really cannot afford to pay lawyer to help us. He was going to go ahead and sign the paper and have it notarize and send it on its way.

Although it does not have a fine print, I am left with one question. If her husband decided not to sign the adoption paper and instead ask for the child support. What can we do? Part of me is worried because we do not have the money and part of me is happy because the children will have the chance of meeting each other.
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