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I don't know if I told you but my DD had "blood sugar problems" one month, kidney stones the next, "nocturnal dementia" after that, then last month she claimed a stomach ulcer. I told my DH that I could not wait to find out what her new medical problem would be this month. Tonight, she texted my hubby and said she is in the hospital with blood clots tonight. Each time it seems it is after I tell her no on something. She wanted me to supervise visitation and I told her no because I was not going to allow her to call me names or make accusations against me so a 3rd party would have to supervise visitation and it is HER responsibility to arrange the visitation. I speculated that when she found out that I was not willing to supervised visitation, she would come down with some mysterious illness, she did. I hate to sound negative, but I could careless about DD being in the hospital. The last 2 times she claimed she was in the hospital, she refused to give us details or allow us to visit. So, I doubt she is actually in the hospital. I stopped asking so who knows if she really is in the hospital.

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