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This is sort of a sore subject with me as well.

With all the budget cuts and higher standards, there is no time for fun in my sons kindergarten class.
I had his curriculum at one time........

I have been fortunate to be able this year to volunteer in all my three childrens classes.

Anyway, standards for kinders this year in our school are outrageous!!!! These 5 year old children have to WRITE all lower and upper case letters IN-BETWEEN THE LINES before they can advance to 1st grade, as well as read, add, and (I think) subtract. I have told his teacher she will have a lot of repeat kinders but she and the a.m. teacher are working so hard with these kids.
If you feel your child is not being challenged or not learning anything, by all means! change his/her school, even if you have to drive. Although kindergarten is not even a required grade, it's alot better than preschool, even if it has to be repeated. good luck, your childrens futures depend on these early years.

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