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Thanks for the support. All would be different if I wasn't raising her children and I have to deal with how she is affecting them. I can't just forbid her access, totally. If I do, the children will blame me and mom will say that it is all my fault. So, I have told my DD that because of her behavior of telling the children she is getting them back and it causing psychological problems with the youngest AND because she is reporting losing consciousness, SHE will have to make arrangements for an agency to supervise visitation. This puts the responsibility of her being able to visit her children squarely on her shoulders.

DGD and I had a great talk yesterday. In some ways, she knows Mommy plans on getting an apartment and the entire family will live together and live happlily ever after. In other ways, she sees reality that Mommy is probably not going to get it together. I also let her know that she cannot move back with mommy and daddy unless a judge orders it because we have a permanent court order and going back to court to change it will cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars (back child support plus attorney's fees). I DGD not to talk about moving back with Mommy in front of her brother. I used an analogy to explain how he feels like his family will be broken apart if they go live with Mommy or if DGD lives with Mommy. Brother has no memories of living with the parents and he considers us his parents.

The parents wanted to call the children today to wish their children a Happy Thanksgiving. I heard DGS ask Mommy, "Umm....Mommy? How come you don't have a home?" I think he is starting to get mature enough to realize that the parents aren't stable enough to live on their own.

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