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My daughter is in half day kindergarten right now. All I can tell you is that they don't have time for music, gym, or art. They do go to the library once a week, but most of their class time is spent learning to write and recognize the alphabet and numbers 1-20, as well as writing their name. They use the computer for learning games. Each week they have a "target letter" and all week they do papers pertaining to that letter. They also have a "target word" (beginning with the letter of the week) that they rhyme throughout the week. They also have a homework page every Friday. She's in school from 8:10 - 10:40 and they have very little down time. I too would question a 2 hour program that includes a "rest time". Our preschool program was even more involved than that.... it sounds more like daycare to me. If that's any indication of what the curriculum is like for the grades to come then, personally, I would look for other alternatives. Just my opinion, I hope it helps. Goodluck!

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