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I would visit other kindergartens in your area but in a different school district to get a good comparison. I learned the hard way with my oldest. I thought she was getting what she needed but when we moved to another district - only 15 minutes away but another town - I discovered that my daughters school was way behind. She went from having A's at the old school to being put in to a special reading program because she was not reading at the 2nd grade level the new district thought she should be at. When my son started kindergarten in the new district I was shocked at what they taught and what the kids learned. He was reading a few months into the school year. They reviewed letters and then taught the kids sound combinations - sh, ch, etc, math was explained using the numbers, objects and with words. He just excelled. I remember asking the new assistant principal why there was such a difference and she told me "different expectations" At our old school there was a special classroom for the kids who excelled and some mothers were really proud their kids were put in this class - even snotty about it. I'd love to tell them what their kids are learning in the "excel class" is what my kids learn in the regular class!! Good luck!
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