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WOW, Tami! How did this one get buried with so little feed back!??. LOL

"Looking for your favorite holiday tips!
Hi Everyone!

Do you love the holidays? Share your tips for making the holidays special, with us here at FC!

You never know, your tip might win one of our FC award icons for your FC awards library!

The tips must be tried and true...not copied from a magazine, the Internet...etc.

Some example are:

frugal holiday savings
kids crafts for the holidays
adult or household crafts for the holidays
traveling for the holidays
food tips for the holidays
family time during the holidays

....I bet that you can come up with even more!

Share Valentine's Day tips, Martin Luther Kind Day tips, St. Patricks's Day...etc!! "

So on to the real response....

Usually I love ALL the Holiday's - especially Halloween! Since being in our hotel since the end of September 2013 though, has been a bit depressing for me. Sure I could decorate our room if I wanted to drive over to storage and "attempt" to unpack 3/4 of the unit for my Holiday Decoration boxes, but by the time I did that, the holiday's would probably passed, or we would have moved on... I was really hoping for the moving on part, and not the "passing by." As it is, it was a good thing that I didn't get into the Halloween spirit this year, as no children were staying in our hotel, and since someone moved Thanksgiving to the last Thursday of November 2013 (or so I was told), I will either be in route to another hotel in another state via car, or hoping this hotel will be serving something close to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, because many of the local top name restaurants in the area have signs posted they will actually be closed that day.

So what do I do when I can celebrate for the holiday's? I decorate, and not just by Holiday theme, but by season and theme type as well.

Since we are still technically in FALL, my house would have throw pillows "Welcoming Fall," "Thanksgiving," or in colorful hues. I had this one pillow that had light tones of red/orange/green/brown, then there was this bright orange furry pillow with a dark Halloween design in one corner; a mellow-yellow corner w/a Turkey on it, and the top corners were trees in their gradual change of vibrant greens to sticks! Most of our furniture is earth tones: warm browns, natural wood, and soft creams, so just about everything accessorizes something at one point of another. Including my infinity bowl. One year I stuff faux leaves in the underside of it, with a few shoots of the faux leaves strewn about under the bowl (I think there's a picture of it in the members album) and for Halloween had ghosts or pumpkins floating in it, and Turkey's for Thanksgiving. On that note, my DH would fry a turkey in the deep fryer, and my family would come over for football, or we'd take the fryer over to his brother's families house, fry up the turkey and play video games all afternoon.

Christmas is themed as well.
We broke down a few years ago and bought a faux had more to do with the safety of the state we were living in at the time, rather than being able to actually locate a live tree and keeping it well watered for the duration of the Holiday.
My boughs were faux as well. I'd say fake, but they really were not plastic, and I did have some real wreaths, pine cones, and other natural scents. Anyway, the decorations for the tree and house are usually based on a theme of sorts. The year my MIL passed, I decorated our tree in "childhood" items. Things that represented our childhood, or were made/given to us during that time. This included bringing out allot of the Winter /Christmas clothed Stuffed Animals I had collected since my youth - lots of Tiggers and Bunnies! Of course the Infinity bowl is out w/floating Santa's; a Sleigh filled with potpourri; Red / white / green candles assembled through out the house, some in colorful red/white/green rocks, and others on glass plates. Some were in brass candelabras and crystal candle holders, and even still others were in some form or another of Lanterns....even Tea candles! A brass train and tracks were set-up below the tree, and gifts both for opening, and others "just because" were stacked around the base with an opening in the back for the on/off train switch (once reserved for pouring fresh tree water). The bough(s) would follow the theme as well, and some pine cones would be added for spacing of each item. And of course cat-nip Candy-canes hung with in cat reach for a safe play near the base.
Of course New Year's, and Valentine's are also winter celebrated holiday's so many of the decorations I use for Christmas & Winter will not need to be put away so soon there after. With Spring comes Saint Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, and the celebration of "life" renew - Some of Christmas still will not need to be put away, at least not until the first of June...when again some fallish decor can start to creep in, and some of Christmas' Reds and Whites can stay to play on the Fourth, and so my friends will my infinity bowl!

I kept mentioning my Holiday decor is based on a theme, and I mentioned my Holiday boxes. That's my biggest tip of all! Currently I have one (1) tote / box full of Spring things. That is many items in the "Labeled" tote / box are for a particular Season or Holiday. Spring just happens to be a clear box for which I can easily see my Easter-Bunny cardboard egg holder; Large Plastic eggs - filled with smaller ones; wind-up metal frog and fuzzy hopping chicken; paper-Easter grass; a wooden Bunny chime; loose wooden-pink eggs; miniature plastic white bunnies; a baseball-fold-down basket; two (one each) plastic pink & blue toy beach-bucket w/handle; a wooden planter w/a tulip on each end (greater for starter plants, and chia pets)... Then there are my Halloween totes. I didn't need to label them because they are the only two Orange containers w/black lids I have. The smaller one holds many of my fall decor items including past costumes I have not only worn, but used for my decorations (remember the witch in the door decor? I have enough decorations and costume material that I made my own one year)! Obviously bigger decor is in the larger tote. Things like my "welcome" mat, witches broom, black cat (which use to light-up); cauldron; and some other ceramic objects. For Christmas I have a long and deep Green Tote with a Dark green top, three smaller white totes, and a clear tote. Unfortunately, the tree and train are to irregular to fit on any of the totes we have, so they travel / store separately - and are much more VISIBLE to find. The clear tote stores the seasonal decor which can be spread out for most of the season / year and is labeled as so. The white ones, aren't labeled, but I know they are seasonal Stultifies, and the green totes I know are mostly Christmas, even though a few of the decor items can stay out a little longer b/c they over-lap other seasonal celebrations.

The reason I use totes verse boxes more, is that I can "shelve" them easier. Meaning that, for the most part anyway, they are sturdier to use, don't rip /tear /break quiet as easily, and slide on just about any surface easily. Not to mention they stack better too. I have had several of our storage bins from way back in the early 1990's, and have only replaced three in the last two big moves! However, the stuff inside didn't get replaced. AND the ones I did replace weren't even Holiday related! One had a set of collectible ceramic animal plates (I think there were at least 20 collectible ceramic plates in all, and 1 broke - but it wasn't b/c the tote broke, it was unwrapped!), and other collectible plates. One was empty when I sat on it...technically, I lost my balance, and the tote had just been emptied a few moments prior to the incident, and the third one I believe the handle section was worn down or dropped on - I don't recall which exactly.
And yes, I do tend to buy a new item(s) for a season / holiday / theme when it strikes my fancy...well except these last few months while we are storing items...trying to figure out are next plan of action! Which is really difficult b/c I am near a Michael's craft store and a Dollar General (not to mention two huge malls)!.
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