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What is your natural hair color? Brunette (dark)
What color is your current hair color? Brunette (dark)
Are you right handed or left handed? Right
Where are your ancestors from? Everywhere!
The perfect pizza? Loaded!
Goal you want to achieve this year? Remain healthy and able
Your best physical feature? Smile
Your most missed memory? Loved ones and friends who have passed
Have you ever been on television? No
If you have any pets, what kind and what are their names? N/A
Favorite sport to watch and favorite team? N/A
Have you ever met a real gang member? No
What is your biggest weakness? Being too sensitive
What is your greatest strength? My determination to succeed
How many different states have you visited (in which country)? N/A
How many countries have you visited? One (United States)

What are some of your pet peeves? Rude and obnoxious people and those who can't think for themselves
Have you ever played a musical instrument and if so what kind? Piano
What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Freedom!
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