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I will not spend any paper money that is newly printed or has no creases or folds in it; no matter the domination (I hate it when the bank gives me new money because I know where that is going...) I have a nice little place for all those bills. Then I have "other" places I stash away money so if I need some cash I have some handy. I have my "egg money" container that any money I make selling eggs goes into. Then anything I find in the laundry (no matter how big or small) is mine for another place, lol. I have instructed my boys when I leave this world they better check every book, any containers of any sort or they may be throwing cash away,LOL.

I always keep "extra" bills folded up in a separate section of my wallet for emergencies. Coins all go into a coin purse., And then my second wallet has my extra in it.

So after reading this, I guess I do have funny money habits!
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