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Training, training, training! People need to be trained how to own dogs! On July 10, 2010 we woke up to a dog on our porch. She has changed my life and now I am a dog lover. I was completely clueless about dog and there is still a lot I would like to learn. I would love to get her a companion dog, but it has been a challenge to figure her out. I'm not sure if I could handle twice the challenge. I would LOVE to see free spay and neuter and FREE training offered all over the place. To address the original question, the heeler breed can be very loyal, good at alerting/protecting, and lots of fun to be around. They generally have a 12 year life span and are considered medium size at about 40 or so lb. My dog is heeler/catahoula and about 55 to 60 lbs. To me she is quite large. And she does shed.
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