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I am so depressed and have no desire to keep going. My daughter that I adopted years ago and I have always had problems because she is involved with her maternal family. That has been a problem because of the grandmother since day one. Her biological father is my husband and her mother was killed when she was 6. She asked me if I would adopt her which I did and I do love her as my own. Always have always will. But now she is 28 has moved to another state is married to a guy her in my state and is pregnant with another guys baby. She and her husband have not been together for 5 years or more. The guy she is with is a sweetheart or was. The problem is she won't talk with me and told me in very foul language that she never wants anything to do with me and owes me nothing. this is tearing me apart and she is the type of person that would do this and not care. She has no feelings at all. She will smile and give you a kiss and turn around and stab you in the back. I'm worried because she has a horrible temper and she has a 7 year old by her husband and she has been taken away by the state a few times already. I know when she is pregnant she is a horrible person and she has mental problems also and can't take her meds when pregnant. I'm hurting mentally but what is she going to do to that baby and her 7 year old. She never calls me on my birthday or mothers day like she used to and we always could talk on the phone for hours. I don't know what I have done. I thought it was maybe I didn't call her when my mom passed but I checked with the phone company and I did. So I emailed her boyfriend and asked him to tell her that I and called. Well, I got my butt chewed by her because I bothered her boy friend at work. I thought she I'm not in her life and she owes me nothing. I have not asked her for anything but have bent over backwards when she would call for money or needed to talk. With loosing my mom and now loosing I guess the daughter I never had is killing me. I have no one left. No family at all. I have nothing left and I just don't care about anything now.
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