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Atkins diet and others

I have to say that I am concerned about any diet that is so high in protein. It is very hard on the kidneys to process so much protein. I don't think there is anything natural about this diet. If you look at all the various cultures around the world, the Atkins diet isn't like any normal diet. I think most of the problems, weight and health-wise, in this country are due to the high amount of processed foods we eat - meat and refined sugars especially. I would suggest you try to get hold of a book called "Eating Well for Optimum Health" by Dr. Andrew Weil. It is the most balanced approach I have ever seen, and feel that it makes the most sense. He also has a website that has lots of information on it, and you can sign up for a weekly online newsletter.
As for the vitamin thing, if you are not tolerating multi-vitamins, I highly recommend Juice Plus. They are whole food supplements - dehydrated, ground up foods in a capsule. Because it is real food, your body recognizes it and can use it more efficiently, and you also get the many unidentified micro-nutrients that are in the real food. I have felt so much better since starting on it 3 years ago. It is available through distributors, but I think they also have a website. I hope this helps you!
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