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There are some beautiful flower ideas on this site made with wildflowers and other fall ideas. Wedding Flowers: Wildflowers

Lots of DIY things here, some beautiful ideas. All DIY Projects - The Wedding Chicks

If it isn't going to be a very formal wedding think about letting your groomsmen wear nice jeans(all the same color) with vests the color of the wedding colors. Then the groom could also wear the same color jeans with a vest and a matching blazer then add a simple flower to each vest and the grooms blazer for the boutonniere.

At my ODS's wedding we used burlap as table runners over unbleached muslin tablecloths, but you could also use cream, light tan or beige tablecloths. We also used real deer antlers and duck decoys with live pine branches as decorations. You could use anything like that as decor on the burlap runners for a nature wedding. Burlap and the unbleached muslin is also inexpensive which is another plus. I wish I had pics to share with you but I lost them when my comp crashed and I didn't have them backed up on CD and had deleted them from my camera. That was a very hard lesson learned! I also made my son's groom's cake, if you bake and/or decorate, that is another saved expense or if he doesn't want any kind of decoration on the cake just make him a cake and frost it in his favorite flavor, it can be round or a 1/4, 1/2, or full sheet cake. You can also buy decor to go on it at a reasonable price. If the bride didn't mind, you could also make the wedding cake. You can buy stackers at WalMart and making a wedding cake is relatively easy, just make the layers a few days in advance and decorate with buttercream frosting or fondant. I think you can also buy pre-made flowers for the wedding cake at WalMart or use edible live flowers. Here are some links to edible flowers. Edible Flowers Chart - Home Cooking

Edible Flowers, How to choose Edible Flowers, Eatable Flowers, Edible Flower Chart, List of Edible Flowers, Incredible Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers List

Oh yes, I also did all the cooking and food preparation for the rehearsal supper and the wedding for my son and ddil's wedding. That along with the cakes saves super money! You can also prepare their favorites the way they like them and that is a plus for you and them. I did this for my nieces wedding also. At her wedding we just did finger foods and chips, fruits and dips. I made her wedding cake and the grooms cake for their wedding also. You can also set up a candy table with little favor boxes for the wedding favors for guests by using brightly colored candies, maybe even put some chocolates in the mix too since it's fall, displayed in pretty dishes. Check at Party City and places like that for the favor boxes if you like this idea.

Gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen could be anything from nice, inexpensive, a pretty bracelet or a necklace and earrings sets or if the bride or you can sew make them a purse or beach bag for the bridesmaids to wallets or money clips for the groomsmen.

If I can think of anymore ideas, I will post them. Let me know if you like any of these ideas so I know what to be thinking about please.
Hugs, Paula
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