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Hello Ladies, the swap is a Easter Swap, as we all picked out Easter. If you did do St Patty that's ok, but I feel you will receive a Easter back.

I was gone, and my mind played tricks on me again and I was thinking Easter was in April. I know why but it doesn't matter at this point. Some memories just don't go away it seems.

Anyways, I do believe I have all of your address, but just want to say if anyone else wants to take part in the Easter Swap they could if they would send me a pm right away with their address.
I feel most of you already have most of the gals address but I will get them together and send them to you by the end of the week if not before hand.
I'm so sorry but being out of town, and just back home late Monday evening. Oh, my bed felt good.. It great being back.
Althought I came down sick at my dd's and was still trying to gain my strength when I arrived home. I'm stronger than goodness but still having some issues..

I looked at my calender last night and realizes I've dropped the ball on you girls and I'm soo sorry.

I think most of you may know that Gloria's husband is in the hospital and not doing well at all. He is unconscious. They put him in Last Tue and she been up with him every day. Please say a prayer for him, and for strength for her.

Annielisa I do need your address I believe. I could be wrong but play it save and send it to me again.

Thanks Lisa, for that note, you are right I do need to get that one to you.
again remember she only wanted to do one.. but most wanted it.. I know that Lisa did for sure.. and need to look in my pm's to see who else did too.
thanks for working with me on this girls..
I'm soon be taking my bath and going up to see Gloria at the hosp... althoguht it will be hard to see her husband in this condition so s ay a prayer for me as well. tks. Love you all.
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