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miserable in michigan

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to these boards so please bear with me. I have been with my husband for a total of 12 years, lived with for 7, married 5.I have an 18 year old daughter who lives with us, and he has a 14 year old son who dosent live with us. My husband has raised my daughter since the age of 6 ,,, and still does not treat her as if he has any love for her as a daughter. Through the years, it seems as though he has only " tolerated " her most of the time, mixed occasionally with caring. Over the years I have seen alot of comparing of our children, favoritism and outright resentment towards my daughter.
I am sooooooooooo tired of the way he nitpicks at everything she does, or dosent do. He seems to find fault with everything, and actually looks for things wrong to complain about.At the moment, she is 6 months pregnant, and he STILL seems to have no compassion for her. We had a huge fight last night about his attitude towards her and he ended up leaving for the night.
I am not saying my child is perfect, but she is a pretty good kid although pretty snotty alot., but she IS my daughter, and I love her very much, and feel she deserves to have a father figure that cares about her.
Please help !!!!!! I am at the end of rope.
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