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Fall wedding celebration

One of my DS was married this past week in a hurried marriage and they are planning a gathering in the fall "renewing" the vows and having all their friends there. His new wife has a daughter and with problems with her natural father they needed to up their wedding date so they can live in the state they want without the natural father causing and possibly preventing them to do so. The natural father has issues with the law and has had vistation revoked at this time till a return to court.So back to the question:

They are doing an outdoor celebration in the woods so there should be lots of natural color. But we need any ideas for tables and such. We are putting the food in my large mudroom which has a whole section with a buffet table and a dining table off to one side. The sit down tables I am assuming will be over near my house while the "renewal" will take place over near their house 1/4 mile away in the woods. We have a large field separating where they are living and my house. So we have a large area for guests to wander passing by my home theater building on a path through the woods coming over to where the food will be. I am going to have the theater building open also for guests if they want to sit in there. I have thought of making a DVD of pictures of the "bride and groom" from childhood that could just play on the large screen in there.

I've never done an outdoor wedding and they want to keep the cost down as much as possible. They have bought their centerpiece and such when things went on clearence this past fall. Any thoughts?
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