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On quick reminder, PLEASE only pin articles, crafts etc that come from That's the idea behind this board It's to promote FC and hopefully bring in new members. I'm sure that you all have your own pinboards for pinning stuff from other websites, so please don't use the FC pinboard for those things.

ONLY articles, crafts etc from Family fun, craft projects, kid's recipes, parenting advice, Magazine

Also, if there's a really good thread on the boards that you want to pin and there's no way to do that because there's no image, let me know and I can determine if it's worth creating a graphic for it to make it pinnable

Lifestar - I'm not sure why but it's not letting me invite you to the board. I follow you, so not sure why you aren't coming up when I type it into the invite box. i will try again later.

Connie - I have added you.

For right now, the only pinboard I have set up is for DIY & Crafts, so anything home decor, crafty, etc is fine. Thank you for helping spearhead this ladies!
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