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What is your natural hair color?- coal black
What color is your current hair color?- dark brown

Are you right handed or left handed?- right
Where are your ancestors from?- idk
The perfect pizza?- super supreme pan
Goal you want to achieve this year?
Your best physical feature?/nothing
Your most missed memory?
/doing stuff with my mom

Have you ever been on television?/no
If you have any pets, what kind and what are their names?/ taffy,brandy,doodiebug,daisymae
Favorite sport to watch and favorite team?/none
Have you ever met a real gang member?/no
What is your biggest weakness?/kids,animals,and the elderly
What is your greatest strength?/my love for God and family
/How many different states have you visited (in which country)/usa 1/2 of the us
How many countries have you visited?/ mexico
What are some of your pet peeves?/abuse of any kind
Have you ever played a musical instrument and if so what kind?/no

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?/the beach
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