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It is so hard to lose a fur baby... I am so sorry for anyone who has experienced this, I too have lost pets over the years, which we had mainly outdoor doggies, who my late husband had built very nice kennels for, complete with bedding, heat lamps and even a mounted stereo system! He had speakers in two of the kennels, which of course they all could hear the music They were all very spoiled and we loved them all! After my hubby died , and after a few years of thinking on it I got myself and son a chihuahua, Dorito is his name... he and I share a birthday, and I now wonder how I went so many years without our family having an indoor doggy. He is always so happy to see us coming, even if it was only being away 15 minutes. He is very protective of us both also. He shows us so much affection and love everyday, and SMART! He knows english, just sayin', I take him riding too, he loves being in the car and loking out the window - just like a little human... God knew what he was doing when he matched us up Dorito was the best $37.00 I ever paid out! (my girlfriend took the puppies for well puppy visits, they got their second shots, and were wormed and she divided the bill amongst the new mommies and daddies of the pups, which happened to be the 37.00 each!) What a deal, and what a bunch of unconditional love, kisses and lap warming!
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