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I consider it an emergency and did with this one, but obviuosly the health care workers at several places didn't. One even said well" if that person had hurt someone or threatened to even themselves then we could lock them up for a bit".....The person I'm talking about was about at their wits end when I was driving them around and saying guess I'll have to threaten someone or harm myself before anyone will listen; it was a scary day. After they have been into treatment now for awhile the doctor they are seeing said a regular therapist would never have considered this a problem because doctors are first scientist and you don't fit any one mold for a condition! But this doctor has been in practice and has experience and has diagonised them and has them on medication and seeing a therapist too.

I just can see so many people that have no one to step in and help them and them turning to a violent act that after the fact everyone wants to step up and say we need to do this or that, but not before something happens. Sad situation and how many more people are going to be hurt before someone steps up and notices?

I for one would let the president know if I could, but I'm nobody and would never get a chance. Only wish someone could give me a clue (and I'm sure there are many others out there that could do the same thing if they knew how) to be able to bring just this type of situation up to someone that could get started on repairing the whole mental health or lack of! Thanks for the venting again!
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