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It is a very sad thing, but I feel no one can totally protect anyone from this type of violence.

The one that just happened in CT... he got his guns from his mother that had legally bought them.

I also know first hand how sometimes people with mental issues are thrown from one place to another and always being told "you are fine". I recently have had to deal with this situation with someone I know. They wanted help and have tried for years till it got to the point they finally totally lost it. Luckily they were still "there" enough and called 911. But even then they were told you'll have to find someone to help you... Really... just let someone that is asking for help go and find someone to help you? After I was asked for some help by them I called several places including the list of doctors names they were given and the earliest they could get in was March 2013! Other places just said we are full, find some place else! I actually drove this person from place to place a few weeks ago looking for a place to get them in. After several hours of this and them about to lose it again because the door kept slamming in their face I finally located a place that took them in and talked to them and had them an appointment that day at a treatment center to see someone. Treatment started! They are now on outpatient help, on medication and doing better than I have ever seen them their entire life! So until mental health issues help react like healthcare does when someone has a heart attack many many of mentally ill people are going to lose it and someone is going to be hurt one way or another. I could go on and on about this and I know everyone has their own thoughts on the whole thing. But I think mental health plays a large role that so many don't want to talk about and unless someone goes over the edge (which is usually too late and many others hurt also) they are just shoved into a corner. I don't know how to go about making this point to anyone that could start to make a difference. You would think doctors that see this finally would take on the cause! Done venting!
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