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I honestly don't know if we'll have a real family Christmas this year.. Since losing Dad in June and Mom almost 3 years ago we won't be going to their home for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner. I know dd and I will fix dinner for Christmas Day at home, but dd and family will be going to a cousin's home for gift exchange and they'll probably want them to stay for dinner also.
I don't really expect my other two dd's to come over Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, although dd#3 may surprise us since we didn't see any of them for Thanksgiving.
I'll be working Christmas Eve until 4 pm so we're trying to plan something easy for dinner.. I'm thinking about deli trays (if I can afford them), otherwise I might just pick up the stuff for homemade pizza and salad (I'd much rather have oysters and shrimp, but that's out I'm sure.. maybe after the New Year)
I have Christmas Day off, but go back to work at 3 am the day after so I'll be getting to bed earlier than usual (something I really hate)
Christmas dinner will probably be: turkey and ham, collards, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, stuffing, corn (on the cob, if I can find it), dilled cucumbers. Haven't figured out the desserts yet.. planning on getting an Italian Cream Cheesecake we're carrying for Christmas, want to make a Tameo Cake (brown sugar frosting cake) and make or buy pumpkin and pecan pies too..
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